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23 Jul 2017

Basics Of Home Surveillance Cameras


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Posted By Bryce A.

If you are considering the value of surveillance cameras and wanting to add them to your home security to provide even more security for you and your family and you are puzzled with all the different types and the terminology. Hopefully the following information will help you understand the basics and make it much easier to make your choices.

If you want surveillance camera that sees moving objects in the dark you will need an infra-red camera (IR camera). This technology uses special lights around the camera lens that make the area look as if a bright light is shining in the area being monitored. It's not visible to the eye but the surveillance camera does. This is the same technology that law enforcement agencies use. Now this technology is available to home owners who want to secure themselves.

Surveillance cameras are becoming more popular and more available to home owners. Businesses are not the only ones that can afford the technology and benefits of surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras can simple or as elaborate depending on your needs.

When you are shopping for a home surveillance camera, there will be several cameras to choose from and monitors you can use. Some examples of the cameras are fake security cameras, Convert surveillance cameras, Wireless security cameras, wired surveillance cameras, Night Vision security cameras, and Home Surveillance cameras.

Fake security camera is not actual cameras. They are an inexpensive alternative to having a real camera. Fake security cameras are only a deterrent and provide no monitoring.

Wireless surveillance cameras offer more flexibility, are easy to install and can be mobile or easy to move. You most likely have seen dome surveillance cameras in large retail stores, parking garages and areas where there is a lot of activity such as a casino. The surveillance camera is enclosed inside a dome that is darkened and usually mounted on the ceiling. Most dome surveillance cameras can be moved or tilted and captures a 360 degree image. Utilizing a remote control will assist you in determining the best view possible.

You may choose to use your own television to be your monitor. A television or TVL monitor will provide the pictures form your surveillance camera. Most common television will put out 480 TVL; this is out of a scale of zero to 525 with 525 being the highest quality you can receive. It is recommended that the surveillance camera display at least 375 TVL, the higher TVL the better image you will receive.

Realizing this information is the tip of the iceberg on surveillance cameras it should help with the most common questions in regards to buying a surveillance camera for your home. Keep in mind that surveillance equipment should include security alarms, door alarms, window alarms, smoke detectors and more. Surveillance cameras can monitor children from another part of the house and make sure nothing out of the ordinary is going on. You can also keep an eye on nannies while you are away or other home service employees.


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